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Kirk Cousins - Privilege and Responsibility

Sports coaches are a key instructional “delivery system” for athletes and communities. 
As leaders, coaches have the opportunity (and responsibility)  to teach and apply ethics 
and standards of conduct, while shepherding belief systems  appropriate to strong 
character. USCA believes in positive leadership,  honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior 
– and in setting priorities for success. 

Here USCA  presents program options for use in day-to-day coaching practice. 
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USCA understands that there are many different coaching philosophies and styles, 
and that many organizations offer sports education. USCA wants Coaches to be 
well-informed and able to navigate these educational choices.  By sharing knowledge 
and resources USCA and the coaching community advance coaching quality levels in 
the United States, while providing exposure for good coaches, their ideas, and methods. 
Grants & Funding

USCA provides coaches with the essential tools to start, grow, and succeed in their  own business.  Successful business owners share their stories and experience to  foster coaches’ entrepreneurial spirit – and create a network where coaches participate  and find advice. 

Sports Medicine and Wellness is a priority for everyone.  Busy coaches often neglect the medical risks and implications of physical activity in sport, paying little attention to essential, yet readily available, medical knowledge.   Medical experts provide medical  and wellness tips for Coaches they can pass along to their athletes.  


Understanding a sport's ground rules, governing bodies, history, and other essentials is the starting point for coaches and athletes who strive to be the best at what they do in any sport. USCA provides the critical underpinnings of the game in one easy-to-use location.