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The USCA was established by highly-experienced coaches and business professionals to serve the needs and interests of coaches, and to expand their positive influence throughout our country.  USCA's founders recognized that coaches from all sports, at all levels, need a broad-based forum "just for coaches."

Many coaches would like to develop their knowledge into a form others can use, but they haven't had a focused resource to aid the process ... until now. 

We help you:

Share your coaching experiences, content, and video for thousands of coaches to see.

  • Promote your business or product.
  • Turn your programs or ideas into a profitable business.
  • Create your own content and videos.
  • Develop sports equipment or products.
  • Discover career opportunities.
  • Connect to funding sources.
  • Increase your exposure, enhance your credentials, expand your network.
  • Find what you need to deliver your best.

USCA wants to unleash the untapped power of individual coaches' ideas and experience.  We provide coaches the opportunity and forum to contribute and extend their influence far beyond their level or locality. 

Our central focus is providing trusted resources, guidance, information, and opportunities for coaches.  Here, we help coaches create, distribute, and share pertinent expertise and knowledge in all coaching disciplines.

America's professional coaches have valuable information to share, but busy "day-to-day" routines limit the time to organize it.  Volunteer coaches are searching for education and training and need one place to find it all.  This is where the USCA comes in ...

USCA is not Just Inclusive, it's Participatory! We make getting involved easy by providing the tools to participate.  Through USCA's web platform, coaches, organizations, and associations wanting to advance athletics can connect and collaborate with a broad network, expanding and improving their opportunities, careers, and businesses.

USCA Promotes and Supports all Individuals and Organizations Offering Useful Knowledge We recognize and highlight our contributors.  We're not here to take credit for the work of others, but to facilitate the broad dissemination of useful coaching information.  With many exciting changes occurring in the U.S. sports industry we believe that idea sharing among all participants in the coaching community is vitally important to developing coaches, athletes, and American Sports, now and in the future. 

This new "idea-sharing" concept for the coaching community is an ambitious endeavor; it requires time, persistence, and you!  As we continue to populate the USCA website, we invite you to contact us to learn how you can contribute or connect to the USCA. 

USCA's Coaching Philosophy USCA stands for more than just good coaching ... it's about the positive influence of great coaches and what they accomplish beyond sport to improve our lives, our character, and our culture.  Our in-depth interviews with many of America's greatest coaches reveal a common philosophical theme: "to encourage athletes to prioritize their lives around God, Family, Education, and Sport;  to call on their inner strength to rise humbly yet confidently to the challenges they face, both in athletics and in their daily lives."

We encourage all coaches to submit their coaching philosophy.  As we continue to interview coaches across the country, we encourage you to listen to their messages.  Together, we can develop the next generation of American Athletes and responsible American Citizens.

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