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Dick Griffin - A Cleveland Area Business Executive
On sports business.

Welcome to Owning a Sports Business in Baseball
Coaches as Business Owners
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Sports Business

Welcome to the "Owning a Sports Business" segment of USCA's Baseball section.  In this section, USCA offers baseball coaches (and others) a wide variety of information on operating a baseball-related sports business .

Why is solid business knowledge important to coaches and their players?  Why is it imperative that coaches always use good business judgment?

Recognizing and understanding the business aspects of coaching baseball is part of being an effective coach.  Knowing the game itself just isn't enough these days.  There are many different business philosophies and styles, and many organizations offering sports business education. USCA wants Coaches to be well informed about the business of coaching, successfully manage sports-related enterprises, and to wisely navigate through the business environments that affect them as coaches.

By sharing knowledge and resources, USCA and the coaching community advance coaching quality, while providing exposure for good coaches, their ideas, and methods.

To learn more about "Owning a Sports Business" for coaches and athletes in the sport of baseball, explore the various topics listed in the Sports Business menu above.

If you have sports business experience, ideas, techniques, or methods that others can benefit from, we'd like to know, and encourage you to share by submitting them to:

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