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To learn more about Product Development and Manufacturing for sports coaches (and others interested in sports product development), navigate via the sport menu (above left) to more detail on this topic.  More “sports product development and manufacturing” subtopics are addressed within each sport, including …
        • Development Consultants and Manufacturers

        • Documenting and Protecting Product Ideas

        • Invention Financing

        • Inventor's Success Stories

        • Books, Tips and Links

Don't miss the additional Product Development and Manufacturing detail pertaining to each different sport.   Just click on a sport.

Sports Product Development

Developing coaching-related products, athletic equipment, safety devices, or other tools useful to coaches and players or others involved in sport is quite a bit more complicated than just having an idea.  Lots of coaches and players have great ideas for sports-related products that improve some aspect of the game, but few succeed in turning their ideas into reality.  Most just don't have the essential knowledge and experience, or resources to "get it done."  

Successfully taking a great idea through design, testing, and manufacturing, and then into the market, is a serious undertaking with many steps and pitfalls.  

This section of USCA's site is devoted to helping coaches understand the "idea to manufactured product" process and connecting them to resources
and experts essential to successfully navigating through the process.

If you have product-development experience or knowledge that others could benefit from,
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