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What is the USCA Directory? It's a resource for coaches - a convenient reference to find the products, services, camps, events to meet their coaching needs; it's full of information about things coaches need, use, or would want to know about to help them in your coaching-related activities. It's also a great place for coaches to list themselves, their areas of expertise, and their availability for hire as educators, instructors, and their terms.

You may search the categories on the left by simply clicking a button. All directory items in that category will appear. You may also search the directory alphabetically by clicking a "letter" box below. Or you can search by entering a name, location, and / or key words, and then clicking "Search Now." If you don't select any criteria, the entire directory will appear in alphabetical order when you click "Search Now." If you've done a category or alphabetical search, you can refine the results by then searching key words, or by using the "Sort By" feature.

USCA does not warrant, guarantee, or formally endorse any offerings appearing in the Directory, but we do review and approve all listings based upon their alignment with our mission and values, and reserve the right to refuse or delete listings at any time for any reason.

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